Formed in 2005, Forever Dead are a five piece rock and roll brotherhood fused with fierce fem-vox. Formerly dabbling in the psychobilly genre, Forever Dead have since settled into their punk rock roots. Playing a rowdy, no bullshit style.

Leading the pack with her fierce vocal style is Chelsea Heart. Backed up by the heavy hitting trifecta that is the Gratz brothers. Jorge Gratzo (upright, electric bass and backup vocals), El Gratzo (guitar and backup vocals) and Tylore T. Destroyer (drums). Adding a touch of insanity to the groups sound is Marc Viherkoski, who left the band in 2009 and rejoined in 2018.

For nearly two decades Forever Dead have held their own as a fixture in the North Western Ontario music scene. Supporting touring acts like The Misfits, Reverend Horton Heat, SNFU, The Brains, and The Flatliners to name a few. Scarcely touring themselves, aside from a few Eastern Canada dates in the late 2000’s early 2010’s. Forever Dead have mainly stuck close to home. Opening for numerous notable acts and putting out albums DIY.

2021 marks a new era for the band with the release of their fourth album "Pretending We’re Surviving". Recorded in only six days the album features an eighteen track mix of older, previously unreleased or never recorded songs, and a few that were written while recording the album.

Forever Dead playing live Forever Dead playing live Forever Dead playing live
  • Vox - Chelsea Heart
  • Bass - George Gratz
  • Guitar - El Gratzo
  • Guitar - Mrac Mrac
  • Drums - Tylore T. Destroyor